Just because this is a joke wiki doesn't mean we don't have some standards. If you could literally do anything you wanted this place would be abysmal.

  • NO SOCKS ARE ALLOWED ON HERE EVEN AS A JOKE they will be banned forever if you do, and possibly you too if you continue it.
  • Don't be an asshole.
  • Please refrain from being stupid.
  • If you make a dumb page that is purely spam you will be banned and your page will be removed.
  • IF an argument has broken out and you decide to be an idiot and get involved when it doesn't concern you, you're effectively becoming part of the problem and making things worse, so do everyone a favor and quit being part of the fucking problem!
  • No favoritism among the ranks, if a user is getting buddy buddy with an admin/mod and kisses their asses/worships the ground they walk on in hopes of protection/special privileges, this will effectively cause problems further down the line and sows the seeds of discontent. DON'T DO IT!
  • Don't fluff edit. In other words, do not make useless edits for the sake of increasing your edit count/earning badges like a douchebag. Examples: changing "don't" to "do not," adding something to a page then immediately reverting the edit with no explanation, etc.
  • Just don't spam in general.
  • Don't change the wiki's theme without permission from the founder here.
  • Don't delete/vandalize anything without the creator of the page's permission.
  • If you get banned and decide to be an idiot and whine about it to the founder, you will only make your situation worse so don't do it.
  • The founder of this wiki is allowed to break all of these rules. If you have a problem with that you know where the door is.
    • The founder is also allowed to ban whoever he feels like banning, including annoying people or people he just doesn't like.